Kaka Blessing Toritseju


I am a cryptocurrency trader, investor and Steem Ambassador and content creator. I'm passionate about blockchain technology education and building communities. I believe that there is no virtue in poverty, ignorance, and fear. There is a lot of poverty in this world and it is mostly because people are ignorant. People are ignorant of their own rights, powers, and liberty. We can reduce/eliminate poverty and fear by providing people with the right education. I discovered Steem in March 2017. This was my first exposure to Dan Larimer's work. I have since plunged myself into the world of cryptocurrency.
I have organized many cryptocurrency meet-ups with the purpose of educating people and building communities. I have helped to build many Steem Communities and made presentations in Meet-ups and Conferences in Nigeria and Ghana. I have therefore helped a lot of people start their cryptocurrency journey by introducing them to the gateway drug for cryptocurrency adoption-Steem. EOS is a mindblowing project. An inherently scalable blockchain operating system for building applications like Steem and Bitshares. EOS is going to make blockchain technology more attractive to conventional software developers and usher in a new era where DAPs are easier to build, scalable and more secure and usable. I totally love Dan Larimer's vision, which is to find free-market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property.
I believe that we can use technology to make life better and it won't be just for a few elites but for everyone. I believe in an open source decentralized economy. I want to live in a world where more people are more enlighted and free. I don't want my community to be left behind or come late to this party. That is why I'm interested in being an EOS ambassador. I'm going to continue to use my voice, my skills and every possible resource to make sure that my community is fully involved with this EOS project. I plan to create awareness and provide education to my community by organizing meet-ups and conferences and produce/share EOS content.

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