Grace Anajuba

Lead, Medical Outreach

I am a Physiologist, and currently a Post graduate Medical student who is very passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain. I am an investor, trader and content creator. I am a lover of love and I spread love for humanity everywhere I go. I love to surf the internet. I am a proponent of the "VALUE FOR VALUE" system and I add value to any ecosystem I am a part of. I am passionate about Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain.
I am passionate about spreading the gospel of Cryptocurrency to all that come my way. This is evident in my works on Steemit. I have traveled to so many places to educate people. I love teaching and I want to use my skills to educate the youths in my community of the beauty of the EOS ecosystem. I believe in this revolution. I believe it is going to bring prosperity to the masses and improve the status quo of things in my society. I am very passionate about helping a lot of people benefit greatly from this opportunity. I believe in the EOS project, I believe in the Cryptocurrency revolution and I sincerely do not want Africa to be left out of this revolution.

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